various artists - Towson​-​Glen Arm Freakouts 2 : 1992​-​1997

by various artists

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“People who talk about revolution and class struggle without referring explicitly to everyday life, without understanding what is subversive about love and what is positive in the refusal of constraints, such people have a corpse in their mouth”

Raoul Veneigem, from 'The Revolution Of Everyday Life'

Towson-Glen Arm Freakouts is a testament to the teen avant garde that thrived on the outskirts of Baltimore, Md. USA in and around the towns of suburban Towson and rural Glen Arm. It was there during the early/mid 1990's that Dave Willemain, Eli Jones, Lou Thomas, Tricia Lane, Lisa Starace, Jon Woodstock, Cory Davolos, myself, and other local artists chose to avoid the genre obsessions of the day in order to express a breadth of emotion through music and any other medium that could energize our creative instincts.

In the 90's our connection to the Baltimore underground was practically non-existent, partially because most venues in the city prohibited the attendance of people under 18. More importantly, many Baltimore venues strictly catered to the "alternative" rock crowd and therefore lacked the panoramic elements of creativity that we valued above all. Consequently, a potent mix of the d.i.y. spirit and a passion for aesthetic diversity gave birth to our own Towson-Glen Arm scene. This release presents my loving tribute to the recordings, concerts, political demonstrations, publications, and many other things which made Towson-Glen Arm so dynamic and unusual.

All profits from the Towson-Glen Arm Freakouts series go direct to these two very worthy charities:

music4more ( - a Baltimore, Md. based organization dedicated to supporting music education programs with a special focus on benefitting those of schools in low income communities in the U.S.


Grass Roots Crisis ( - based in Columbia, Md., Grass Roots provides a 24-hour resource to individuals who may be contemplating suicide, a 24-hour phone and walk-in crisis center, and educational resources for any one who has been touched by the tragedy of suicide.

Mike Apichella (executive producer/compiler) - January 2013


released December 31, 2013

All material included here is under copyright control of the original artists and/or their respective estates, all rights reserved, 2014.

NOTE: Even though great efforts have been made to present this music in the highest fidelity possible, many of the original master tapes used for this album suffer from severe defects in audio, such as (but not limited to) surface noise, tape degradation, and extreme distortion.

produced and mastered by Marc Rothe/Semaphore

cover art by Tricia Lane-Forster (originally created for a flyer advertising a late 1994 concert at Towson State University that featured her band Spastic Cracker)

cover layout & design by Mike Apichella

special thanks to both Grass Roots Crisis Intervention and Music 4 More for truly embodying the righteous directive 'think global, act local'

thanks to Lisa Riley, Tim Kabara, Sarah Brandes, Chris James,
Bob Phair,Tricia Lane-Forster, William Jones/Towson High School, Lisa Starace, Spence Holman, the family of Dave Willemain,
Shawn Phase, the family of Eli Jones, Lou Thomas, Evelyn Apichella, Greg Storms, Lee Versoza, Rjyan Kidwell, Jon Woodstock,
Andy Devos, Sarah Kershaw, Josh Marchant, Andy Devos,
Lucas Rambo, all of the Towson-Glen Arm artists who haven't already been mentioned, all the families of TGA artists who haven't already been mentioned (especially those who opened up their homes for shows and other TGA events), and everyone who ever came to a show, bought a zine or record, took a flyer, or did anything else to support Towson-Glen Arm.

*This compilation is also available as a c.d.r. which features no less than 4 BONUS TRACKS not included here*
(details about how to purchase that c.d.r. are coming soon)

For more info. on TGA go to

The Towson-Glen Arm Freakouts series is dedicated to
Dave Willemain and Eli Jones: two of the coolest guys ever



all rights reserved